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I'm a passionate full stack developer.

I like to build websites and webapps in a modern stack. Putting a big emphasis on clean, high quality code. I'm passionate about exploring new technologies and workflows.

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Here's what I'm good at


Most of my professional experience in the backend lies in PHP, through Laravel, Symfony or CakePHP — in that order.

In my spare time I tend to experiment with other technologies. It motivates me to explore new horizons!

Lately I've been playing a lot with Go, broadening my skills in other backend languages.


I have the most experience with Vue.js and React, and while I prefer them over others, I've also done projects in Svelte and Angular (2+).

State management libraries like Vuex, Redux and Jotai are like second nature to me and I know my way around RXjs.

I've got a lot of experience with statically rendering pages through Gatsby and love out-of-the-box solutions like Next.js and NuxtJS.


I get around all relevant Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux. That said, I prefer a UNIX-like development environment.

I love working with git as version control and I got some experience with continuous integration and automated testing through TravisCI.


Some examples of the work I did


Taskman is a gamemode made for the online game Runescape and this website is the heart of it. This is my biggest sideproject with about 1500 users.

Technologies used:
Laravel, Livewire, Alpine.js, Tailwind

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Inertia.js Symfony Adapter

This is an open-source custom adapter I built for Inertia.js, which makes it possible to use the libary with Symfony.

Technologies used:
Symfony, Inertia.js

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De Poort

This is a website I built when I was on payroll at Code d'Or. A full custom webshop, built in CakePHP with sprinkles of React.

Technologies used:
CakePHP, React

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  • Hannes Vermeire
  • Beke 8, 9950 Lievegem
  • +32 483/20 28 59
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